July 19, 2008

G5 Challenger Designs make cover...twice!

The G5 Challenger renderings have made the cover of a Mopar magazine twice this year so far. As a designer, getting your work on the cover of any magazine is exciting and very rewarding. Chris Wilkins of Group 5 Ltd. and I have worked on a couple of SEMA projects together and as always he has pulled out all the stops in promoting the new G5 Challenger project including pulling in Sam Posey into the mix.

The G5 Sam Posey Edition Challenger is grabbing a LOT of attention from Mopar fans, and the Media. Street car conversions are available to order if you wanna be like Sam Posey in a #77 Sublime Green Chally eatin' up the tarmac - no problem.

Other plans for the G5 program include a G5/S base model which consists mostly of cosmetics and minimal tuning you can bump up to a G5/SC which includes a Vortech supercharger, more upgrades, and further tuning. If you wanna be the big dog on the block and put a Viper into the weeds, the G5/R is for you! The sky is the limit with this Streetfighter from twin turbos to 426 Hemi race engines, mini tubs, lightweight carbon fiber, and MORE!
To top this off, Group 5 Ltd. is developing a dealership program so you can order a G5 Challenger to your specifications from your local Dodge dealer. Make sure to check out http://www.g5challenger.com/ website out for more info or call 480-610-1840.

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