July 22, 2008

Check out Scott Gulbranson's g69 Camaro!!!

I could go on and on about this car. Right now, this is one of my most favorite 1969 Camaro g-Machines! I have know Scott for a few years now as well as been a member of his g-Machine community for a long time. Scott has put a lot of time and money (like most of us car guys) into his killer 1969 Camaro. The car has only been completed now for about a month or so and has already been invited to show it in both the Nitto booth and the Mothers booth on the 2008 Hot Rod Power tour. It would take days to type about all the workmanship and the details that went into his Camaro so to really see an in-depth look at this car click on this link http://www.lateral-g.net/g69/

Also make sure to stop by http://www.lateral-g.net/

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